Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's Duet!

Sorry for the cheesy title of this post but I can't help it. Glee makes me cheesy. If you haven't notice yet, we're back to Glee news, baby!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is Glee day here in the Philippines and of course I am so watching this. It's the fourth episode from season two titled Duets. Duets? Yes! It just means two people singing a song.  Or as Wikipedia say: a musical composition or piece for two performers. It is also a verb meaning an act of performing a musical duet.

Here is a sneak peek of Sam and Quinn singing Lucky. As Santana said, it is soooooooo freaking charming! What do we call these couple? Suinn? Quam? I am at a loss since I like Puck and Quinn together. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

Plus another sneek peak of Sam and Quinn rehearsing for their Duet. Let's duet! I mean watch this.

See yah later!

Edit: Due to copyright reasons, the videos I had posted earlier had been deleted from Youtube. So, I had updated the videos embedded here to the ones from Fox Network.

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