Monday, October 4, 2010

Prennent la Pose

That's "strike a pose" for us, and other non-french speaking people. These words came from a Madonna song title Vogue. And what does that have to do with my blogpost? Well, the people from French Vogue is celebrating their 90th anniversary and in line with that, they have invited fashion people on a masquerade costume ball. The bash was held at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo on Thursday. Although I did enjoy browsing through troves of photos from the ball, there was only one lady that captured my eye. 

Anna Dello Russo! I had already blogged about her one time here but this is a very different story. 

she came in a white Pucci gown, white lace mask and white wig and 
an amazing Gareth Pugh headgear or is it a headdress?

Wonderful, right? Her look was inspired by Lady Gaga and she has got this in the bag!

See yah later!

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