Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's Next?

On Glee next week? I am actually not sure. They had not posted anything about next week, so let's do the guessing game, NOT! I think it's better if we just wait for it. What I am sure is that two weeks from now is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" episode on Glee! The specific date for that is October 26 which is part of Halloween week. Although I am not a fan of Halloween, I can't wait for this episode. (I am not a fan of Halloween but I am a fan of Tim Burton, wouldn't it be great if this episode is directed by Tim Burton? No? Okay...)

If you are unfamiliar with this cult classic, let me educate you. Although I have not watched the movie and musical, I had done some intense reading (Wikipedia and IMDB, LOL!). Here's the synopsis. 

"While driving home during a rain filled night, straight-laced lovebirds Brad and Janet, by chance, end up at the castle of one Dr. Frank-N-Furter and his strange and bizarre entourage, and find that he's having a party. This is no ordinary party, no ordinary night. This is the unveiling of the Dr's latest creation: Rocky; A man-made Adonis that will give...absolute pleasure. This is an exceedingly grand visual and musical camp satire of the golden days of the B-movie horror and science-fiction genres. Projected along with a musical soundtrack to give "audience participation" a new meaning in dimension, time and space, this shall be a night that both Brad and Janet will remember for a very, very long time in the sexually kinky, rock 'n roll (f)rock-opera world of a gender-bending scientist...and his time warped plans."

Got it? If not? We just have to wait for this episode.

Here are some sneak peek photos:

Will decides to have the glee club perform The Rocky Horror Show for the annual school musical after learning of Emma's newfound love for the cult classic. Of course, Sue comes to destroy everything with the help of Becky.

Cory Monteith's character Finn stars as Brad Majors, the male lead in this musical which fittingly is just as awkward as Finn is.

Kurt played by Chris Colfer was mistaken for a blonde woman a couple of times while filming for this episode. He plays Riff Raff, a handyman in Dr. Frank's castle and is Magenta's shy brother.

 Quinn, here is a partygoer for the big "Time Warp" dance scene. 
She also plays Magenta with Santana.

Dr. Carl, played by John Stamos fills in as bad boy Eddie when Puck drops out of production. 
Puck's back in juvy?!?

Newbie glee kid Sam plays Rocky Horror in gold shorts and tank top.

Plus a couple of videos from youtube. Enjoy!

Did I say "a couple"? Well, here's the other one.

Excited? Or still not convinced?

See yah later!

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