Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glee Recap 2.3 In Jesus’ Name

Glee was amazing! It was a really good episode, the songs they had chosen was fantastic. Not to mention, they had crammed 7 songs on this episode. Although I didn’t like the title “Grilled Cheesus” it’s almost a mockery of what Jesus Christ is. Still, this episode was divine.

Here are some highlights. Finn made a grilled cheese sandwich with an image of the Lord imprinted on it hence, Grilled Cheesus. Kurt had a fight with his dad, Burt, over their Friday dinner because he wanted to go to the Sound of Music sing-a-long. Then Burt had a serious heart attack which led him to being in a coma for the rest of the episode, or not, since his hand moved at the end. Oh, BTW, Kurt doesn’t believe in God. Sue isn’t making fun of Will’s anymore, she is now making fun of Emma’s ginger mane.

 Kurt and his younger self. Nice!

Anyway, I will not be stating out all the songs in this episode, because I may have CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) if I do all that typing. So, I will be putting two songs, alright three.

“I Look to You”, Whitney Houston sung by Mercedes (Amber Riley). There were a couple of songs this week which featured Mercedes on vocals, “I Look to You” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, I chose the former because it is much more contemporary. But let me say I have no issues with “Bridge Over Troubled Water” being sung in a church, although I’ve never heard that song in our church. Hmm… Anyway, as Mercedes doesn’t know what to say to Kurt who’s having some faith issues, she busted out this Whitney number like no other. (number and other rhymes perfectly, right?) I give props to the Christian kids in Glee, Mercedes, Quinn and Tina, for not being portrayed as Jesus Freaks.

Next would be “Papa Can You Hear Me” from the movie Yentl. The original track featured Barbra Streisand on vocals, now, it’s Lea’s turn or Rachel. In retrospect, Rachel is better suited for Barbra than Britney Spears. Although the song was sung in an overly dramatic way, (read: beside a lake with a lit candle) Rachel’s voice made up for it.

Last song I’ll be featuring is “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles sung by Kurt. The song, a former happy-go-lucky-we-are-in-love was taken to a different level because it was sung in a slower version. Although Kurt doesn’t believe in God, he believes in the power of the love between him and his dad. I am gonna make a confession, I almost prayed for Kurt’s soul but I remembered he is a fictional character. Ha! On a lighter note, Glee now has 75 hits on billboard which overthrown the Beatles with only 72. Plus, Glee had only 18 months to make up for the Beatles 40 years. Amazing, no?

See yah later!

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