Thursday, December 16, 2010

Burberry Prorsum Menswear Pre-Collection Autumn Winter 2011

That is a long title!

Pre-Fall 2011 for Burberry Prorsum's Menswear line came out yesterday and I just have to share them. I love what Christopher Bailey had been doing in Burberry. The eponymous check had been incorporated in almost everything and the Trench coat has come out into a new light.

So, here's a look at the excellent new Burberry Prorsum Menswear Pre-Collection, gearing up for the winter of 2011 a lighter shade of autumn colours comes forward giving a more youthful note to the already famed jackets. And for the ladies, here is a link to the womenswear collection.

Enjoy! I placed commentaries on the looks to break the monotony of an all photo post.  Click on the photos to enlarge... like Extra Large!

An almost black-ish gray starts is the 1st and 2nd look.
I love the shirt on the right with what seems to be an embellished pocket.
It looks soooo soft!

The herringbone trench on the left looks perfect with the cashmere sweater.
And the velvet trench on the right is nothing short of great!

The velvet suit on the right, check!

The ladies belt looks interesting, but not as interesting as the man's trench coat!
I wonder what type of fabric would that be?!?

Burberry really has its way of making their outerwear intersting.
Case in point: the man's jacket is padded nylon with a fur lining.

A little color perhaps? The orange-y pinkish sweater on the right looks pretty interesting, no?

The sweater on the right with a tree print? Yes I want, too.

After a ton of brown-based looks, let's try blue this time.
The fur front sweater on the right looks delicious.
I prefer the looks on the right, right?

And now, we're going solo. No more loving for the one on the right.
But this trench coat equates to LOVE!

Something's wrong on this look, but the shoes are definitely right on!

Great colors are inevitable for pre-fall and this look did not disappoint.
The yellowish nylon thermal vest coupled with the non-bright orange mohair, or is it cashmere sweater?!?
Sweater whatever!

The padded nylon jacket with fur collar is genius.
A perfect mix of casual and esquisite.

Orange, they say, would be the "it" color of 2011.
(they = the guys over at NYFW)
This orange jacket would be a good addition to anyone's closet come pre-fall.

 Well, what do you know? There is a tree printed shirt here.
Yay! And look at those velvet trousers!

A puffy trench is layered over what seems to be a camel hair coat,
basic, simple, comfortable.

The blue sweater is a modern classic. The details near the collar is a classic.
What makes it modern is the fit.

There is a basic black tuxedo suit, too.

Plus a trench version of the jacket.
Nice, right?

Again, I urge you to click on the photos to see them in all their glory.

See yah later!

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