Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wild Boys are Beautiful!

The title says it all, and maybe something more but I digress, Wild Boys is a fashion editorial in the 9th issue of Schon! magazine. Schon, which means Beautiful in German, is an innovative bi-monthly magazine. It is available online and can be downloaded in pdf format through this link.

I am not sure what he is wearing but I am liking the shirt and suit.

The editorial features Nicholas Ripoll (DNA) and Wael Sersoub (Major Paris). Styled by Andrej Skok and taken through the lens of Jannis Tsipoulanis.

Here are more photos.

My, what kind of shoes is that!?!
Loving the red socks though.

The short over the pants combo kinda works here...kinda!

An orange thingy offsets the dark somber colors of this look.

There's the shoes again!
Its starting to grow on me, though! Eeeek!

I call this the personal fashion blogger pose.
Loving the boots here, wish I could go somewhere colder just so I could buy these boots!

A vintage helmet goes urban in this look. The sweater looks pretty and ugly at the same time.
I am not sure if I like it or I want to vomit over it.

Its layers all the way!

I'm slightly bothered by the lace mask but everything else looks pretty wearable, right?

Love the printed suit, not to mention the matching boot!
I say boot, so it'll rhyme with suit. Natch!

Let's go medieval in a metal breastplate under a suit/skirt/pant combo.

The last of the bunch, all 12 of them!

I also found a video of a behind-the-scene from the shoot.

Liked it? Loathe it? Share your comments below.

See yah later!

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