Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Future of BlackBerry

Since the influx of iDevices, (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.), the BlackBerry had lost its clientele. Except maybe businessmen in ill-fitting suits, I can't remember any of my friends lusting over a BB. Until now! Ladies and gentlemen, the BlackBerry Empathy.

Designed by Kiki Tang et Daniel Yoon which hails from the Art Center College of Design.  What's interesting about this is that it can actually detect human emotions, reflecting them through different colors. The idea behind it comes from a mood ring which shows different colors depending on the emotions of the one wearing it.

I had a mood ring in college and it seems it detects the temperature. Since it will change color during the morning when it's a little colder and go back to being blue by midday. I mean, really?!? I have the same emotion everyday by midday!

This is how the designer describes the interface:

It is of course touch based and all the user’s connections are shown graphically so you can see who is connected to whom. Each contact has an avatar that is encompassed by two colored rings. The inner colored ring shows the contact’s previous emotional state, and the outer ring represents the contact’s current emotional state. It is important to show the shift in emotions in order to see how an event has affected that contact.
Another important feature that we felt was important was the “Emotional Health Chart”. This chart would monitor the user’s emotional health through an indefinite period of time. One would be able to see how a certain event, or phone call/ message has affected the user. Obviously, if the chart shows someone is always upset, there would be a problem… If permitted, a user would be able to view other user’s charts as well.

Some more photos, perhaps?

Charging Dock using induction Technology

The interface focuses on a Control Wheel

Beautiful, right?
But not exactly pocket-friendly, literally.
It's a little pointy towards the edge.

Here's a video demo.

Though, I am not sure when would this be available or if this would be available. Tell me what you think?

See yah later!


Anonymous said...

Blackberry its my dream phone I am happy with it,so empathy when it going to reach South Africa doors

Anonymous said...

I would definately buy this phone if it will come out!!!

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