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Piñagayon Fashion Forecast 2010

Last November 25, at the NBC tent here in Taguig City, Philippines, Manila's fashionistas collide for this year's fashion forecast.

Fashion Forecast is an annual designer exhibition which promotes the Philippine Culture and the Arts. It is a show that is conceptualized to explore on design possibilities that makes the present and the future meet. Focusing on Filipino design creations, Fashion Forecast uphold the Filipino innovation on demanding what clothing element would be next.

This year see the talents of designers Alcs Porras, Avel Bacudio, Charette Regala, Eric delos Santos, Frederick Peralta, Jerome Lorico, Louis Claparols, Martin Bautista, Mich Dulce, and Veluz Puno-Reyes.

Was I there? No, but fortunately, the guys from Stylebible were and I am happy to share you the photos.

There were 6 looks per designer, which proves piña is indeed "magayon" ("beautiful" in Bicolano language). Piña is a fabric created from splitting the fibers of the piña leaf and meticulously weaving the resulting filaments.

Here is a video introduction.

And now the photos!

First on my alphabetical list is Alcs Porras . Although the looks in the collection is a little too avant garde for me, it might work for some people with better styling, right? The tiered piña pieces were hand dyed in azure. Then, vinyl and pineapple fabric was used to add punk appeal to his collection.

Next is Avel Bacudio. The collection is done entirely in black. Piña fabric was used to add texture to dresses. There were feather embellishments, grommeted trims, structural bow accents and geometric paneling on the cocktail numbers below.

The finale look of a grommeted body-con dress with a fluted skirt overlay
was modeled by Filipina female actor, Jean Garcia

Number three is Project Runway Philippines participant Charette Regala. Her collection utilizes piña's natural color to add depth to street/sporty looks.

Eric delos Santos comes in next with his take on the piña fabric. The fabric is folded and mixed with glittery applique for his collection. The effect was a glitzy and discordant fusion of cocktail- and disco-wear.

His muse, Marina Benipayo, modeled the finale look

Halfway through my list is Frederick Peralta. The collection is done in colors black and white, fabrics piña and satin. The first five looks were black gowns topped with a piña bolero.

 The finale look, which was the only non black look, was modeled by Georgina Wilson

Jerome Lorico follows suit with his collection. Using piña as a counterpoint to his knit dresses, Jerome successfully mixes pinoy culture with his signature rock and roll sensibility. All the model's faces (except the last one) were covered with a mask and sunglasses adding a mysterious take on his collection.

The exception, is Bubbles Paraiso

Louis Claparols comes in next. His collection uses piña in wonderful layers. Adding geometry and paneling, his looks have some sci-fi and tribal overtones.

Angel Aquino models the finale piece, a loose

Number 8 is Martin Bautista. Martin uses piña alongside another sheer fabric, lace. The entire collection was romantic and super-feminine.

This finale look was modeled by Preview's Beauty Editor, Agoo Bengzon.

Quirky and cute Mich Dulce comes in as the penultimate collection. Using her corsets as the base of the dresses, Mich added layers of piña fabric and her hats to complete the collection. 

Filipina Fashion Icon, Divine Lee with a 22 inch waistline models the finale piece

Ending the list is Veluz Puno-Reyes. She showed the audience her prowess in making bridal gowns done in piña through this collection.

For more information, click on this link.

See yah later!

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