Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dog Days are Over

New Directions wins Sectionals! Yay! And I am way ahead in this blog post.

So, here's what happened on last night's Glee titled, Special Education. Emma is back, so is her bow and ruffles, and Mr, Schue is still trying to woo her. Will is asking Emma to come to Sectionals where the predictable will happen. Finn and Rachel will sing a duet. Then, New Direction will sing a classic rock number where Mercedes will belt out the last powerful jaw-dropping note. True, indeed!

So, Mr. Schuester decides to let Duets winner Ken and Barbie, I mean Sam and Quinn to sing the ballad. And because their competitions (The Hipsters and The Warblers) are not so much movers, they'll also gonna showcase Brittany and Mike Chang's dancing. Yay for them, too bad for Rachel and Finn, not only that, Santana also broke the news about her one night with Finn.

The next logical step would be a... couple's therapy at Ms. Pillsbury's office. But nothing really happened there, except Rachel storming out, naturally.

On to other glee couple update, Artie and Brittany, their relationship has gotten stronger thanks to a "Magic Comb" which Artie gave to Brittany, giving Brittany a boost of confidence and in return, gave Artie a peck on the cheek.

And since Kurt, I mean Porcelain, er Kurt has transferred to Dalton, the glee kids would be missing a member for them to qualify for Sectionals. Enter Puck in a gray hoodie informing the football team that glee club is indeed as cool as Bruce Springsteen. In return, they trapped him in a portable potty, er portalet?!? His hero turns out to be resident sneezer Lauren, who became glee club's 12th member in exchange of sweet treats.

Back to some Kurt action, Kurt's feeling a little disconnected with the guys over at Dalton. So he seeks Rachel's advice for a solo to sing over at Sectionals. Instead of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On, they, I mean Rachel, then Kurt, then back again to Rachel and some Kurt afterward sings Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

Now, Rachel has left Finn for some Puckerman action and since Mike Chang and Brittany has been rehearsing a little too much, Tina heads over to Artie and finally talks to him for some advice. Although it turns out that they were truly faithful to their partners in the end.

A blurry photo of the Hipsters

Fast forward to Sectionals, too bad Emma wasn't able to attend because of Carl. She wasn't there to witness the amazingness that has transpired.

The Hipsters, who aren't too hip anyway and have probably bad hips sang The Living Years. No comment. 

The Warblers on the other hand, shimmied their way to Hey, Soul Sister. Too bad Kurt stuck out like a sore thumb. He's to pretty for them. BTW, I thought these are rich kids but why don't they have costumes?

As per usual, the New Directions get to sing two songs for Sectionals. The Sam and Quinn duet was sooo cute and Santana brought the house down with Valerie. Plus, Mike and Brittany's dancing was on point. 

And so who won? Like I've said earlier, the New Directions, although I'll add that The Warblers also won. It was a tie.

As the episode, closes, we got Will and Emma back in the same room only to find out that Ms. Pillsbury is now Mrs. Howell. Awwwww! While Rachel and Finn heads to splitsville.

Glee-wind anyone?

Lets just hope for a Very Glee Christmas next week!
Side note: The Christmas episode is their last episode for this year. But don't fret, they'll be back by February, 2011.

See yah later!

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