Friday, December 10, 2010

Wish You Were Here

Well, at least not literally. Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows for 2010 is titled "Wish You Were Here". The display takes inspiration from fantasy travel to far-flung places involving some rather unusual ways of getting there.

Everything is almost an art and done in a way that will dazzle shoppers and passersby. Talk about window shopping right? The inspiration for the displays comes from an array of subjects, from the first Science Fiction movie to 1940's Hollywood musicals, let's not forget Roman Mythology and a lot of other subjects.

a mannequin rides Pegasus to somewhere

And for the first time, it has QR codes on several of the windows enable people to view an online Bergdorf Holiday Gift Finder and a video depicting the making of the holiday displays (see video below) simply by scanning the codes with their smartphone or handheld digital device. Conceived and designed by the people at Bergdorf, it has the background score of “Follow Me” by singing sensation Audrianna Cole.

Before the video, here are more photos:

 boats abound on this nautical-inspired window

 Let's journey to the stars!

Beautiful, right?
And now, the video.

On that note, a new book by LInda Fargo and David Hoey titled Windows at Bergdorf Goodman, had been released.

Here's a sneak peek.
of the cover and a page from the book,

and a 2007 window display


See yah later!

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