Monday, December 6, 2010

A Very Glee Christmas

Happy Christmas!

 Christmas Sweaters Galore

This week marks the last episode of Glee for 2010. Sad news, yes... but, it will be the Christmas episode. So, cheer up. In relation to their episode, they had released a Christmas album with all the wonderful carols which will be in infinite rotation on music players worldwide.

The episode has a whole lot of exciting things happening. It has Finn trying to bring a little holiday spirit to McKinley by bringing a Christmas tree to the choir room. Also,  Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa. Plus the teachers pick out their Secret Santa while some coach rigs the the gift-giving factor. Hmm, I wonder who that will be? LOL!

Anyway. here are some photos from the episode and some behind the scenes, too.

That was a whole lot of Wemma pictures in random Christmas colors!
The entire Glee Club in matching sweaters and scarves

And a closer shot.

Why are these two together? And they look genuinely happy!?!

Lea Michele all covered up in Red

Christmas tree shopping with Finn Hudson

Plus Mr. Schuester in plaid

And Finn all bundled up in a corner.

Lastly, a teaser! Yay!

Excited? Me, too!

See yah later!

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