Friday, December 3, 2010

Packing the Ultimate Carry-On

As I've mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, I made a big decision last weekend. Part of that decision is actually traveling, well actually living in a different country. I have been trying to figure out in my head what to bring, what to leave behind, and what to discard on the things that I have. Well, faith brought in this link from the guys at Details.

It includes everything a guy needs to know when it comes to traveling in style. At least, that's what they said. The entire page is dedicated to travel, which includes what to pack in your carry-on, stylish bags for traveling, the perfect travel outfit, celebrity rules for traveling, the best way to pack, and more.

I almost never pack light. I have been known to carry a couple of average sized bags as an overnighter, while my friends carry a back pack. I pack for 6 days for a 3-day trip, and so forth. I mean, you can never know what will happen, so I always pack extra.

Anyway, here are the Details Essentials for the carry-on.

1. Bag ($1970, Louis Vuitton)
The one in the photo costs around $2000 dollars and is by Louis Vuitton, it's leather, and almost susceptible to scratches. I am flying coach btw so I'll probably bring my gym bag from Converse instead.

2. Chunky Cardigan ($1590, Tom Ford)
They say it always gets too cold on airlines so it's always good to bring a cardigan. Not in my case, although the cardigan in the photo would be perfect as a pillow, it would have no use in wherever I am heading because just like the Philippines, it also is a tropical country. Imma bring a lighter cardigan instead.

3. Notepad ($28, Düller)
If long travel hours bore you, bring a notepad with you. And don't forget to bring a pen. It'll come handy when you head over to immigration.

4&5. Tech (Headphones - $200, AIAIAI & Camera - $150, Pentax
Noise canceling headphones come handy when your seatmates, or the flight attendant, try to bother you. Another good option, fake sleeping! Also good choice for tech is a digital camera, so you have something to document the trip.

6. Sunglasses ($420, Oliver Peoples)
Not just for protection, these babies will hide your tired eyes. Good call! Although, I am practically blind without my glasses so, next!

7. Scarf ($485, Brunello Cucinelli)
I always bring a scarf wherever I go. Even on short trips, they are very useful. You can even use them to hide into.

8. Sleep Accessories ($268, Alicia Adams Alpaca)
A travel set elevates your feeling to first class almost instantly, too bad my flight is just about 4 hours.

9&10. Storage (Pouch - $25, ACL & Co, Passport holder - $390,  Goyard, iPad case - $450, Burberry, iPod Nano - $179 & iPad - $829)
They'll provide safe enclosures on easy-to-lose, hard-to-find items. On that note, I just bought a Team Manila passport cover. Too cute for words.

11. Extra Clothes (Jeans - $70, Gap, Shirt - $190, Diesel Black Gold, Sweater - $80, Express & Socks - $17,  J. Crew)
It is always good to be prepared with set of clothes in case the airline looses your checked luggage. I had read this on a magazine before and had been doing this ever since. Don't forget to pack underwear and your jewelry on the carry-on as well.

For more information, head over this link and read on!

See yah later!

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