Monday, December 13, 2010

Showtime Starting Right Now

Baptiste Giabiconi, can add another talent than being a model and Karl Lagerfeld's muse. Apparently, this guy's a singer as well.

This is his story from his website:

During a T.V. documentary about him, Baptiste meets the one who is going to become his producer, Hajjaji.

Together they decide to create an electro-glam-rock album, inspiring themselves from Baptiste’s music influences, and from his experience in the fashion world.

Produced by Be First Media, Showtime, the first single from his upcoming album in 2011, has been composed by Thom Carslym and Mats Rossander and realized by Kore (Florida, Pittbull, Shaggy...).

So apparently, singing is his first love. Really? But does it love him back?

Some more photos I got from his site.

And he has a music video for it. From the looks of it, a sequel is on the works. And from the sound of it, it kinda reminded me of Enrique Iglesias. What do you think?

Liked it? Or not?

See yah later!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like No I prefer I LOVE!!!

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